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What type of Insurance do you need?


Car, Motorcycle,  Home owner, Renter, Life, Health, Bonds, Disability,

How Much Insurance do you need?

How much insurance am I legally required to carry?

Finding someone to sell you insurance is simple. There are insurance agencies on every street and the television is constantly giving us toll free telephone numbers to call or web sites to visit.

What information do you need before you talk to an insurance agent?

What is insurance?  Click HERE for a short discussion of insurance-what it is and how it is supposed to work.

An easy to understand explanation can be found on Wikipedia

What type of insurance are you looking for? 

Car Insurance is required in most states. 

Life Insurance is something anyone with dependants should have.

Home owners insurance- If you own or are buying a home this is a must. 

Renters insurance-another must have for those of us who are renters. 

Health insurance-medical care is expensive-even a relatively minor event can wipe out any financial resources you may have.

If you have decided what it is you are trying to protect, then you need to find out what your options are.  What choices do you have?